• "Everyone was really pleased with how the event went and we got a great reaction from guests from Seija's performance, her professionalism and constant smile made her a pleasure to work with... she made it a brilliant moment in the show."

  • "Seija, I heard you singing at Covent Garden around 6.30pm Mon, Jan 7, and I was enchanted. You had your young boy in your arms and sang so effortlessly. I was moved to tears. Only once in my life have I been so moved by a song - as a ten-year-old (60 years now). I woke one morning to the sound of a woman on the radio singing a song I had never heard before and it was incredible. It turned out to be Kathleen Ferrier singing 'What is life to me.' I have never forgotten that moment. Nor will I ever forget you singing - my wife and I were going to see a show and I was unable to speak until we had passed Covent Garden Underground station. It was a revelation. I bought your CD and will keep looking at your site so that we can hopefully come and see your perform."

  • "Seija, your performance and the evening far exceeded my expectations – Thank you!"

  • "Having both never experienced opera before, to be introduced to it by Seija in such intimate surroundings was simply fantastic."

  • "You were brilliant Seija. Thank you so much for every single day we've been in touch with each other since we first met."

  • "Hello, I recently (February 9th) came across one of your performances in Covent Garden. It was nothing short of amazing. Hearing you at Covent Garden was the first time I ever heard a classically trained voice sing 'Over the Rainbow.' The entire performance was magnificent. Even my wife, whose musical taste was born and died in the 80s, was floored by your performance of 'Con te Partiro.' I bought one of your CDs, and it's quickly become one of my favourite albums. Thank you for the performance."

  • "Hi Seija, You may recall that my two daughters and I met you in Covent Garden yesterday afternoon. My 8 year old daughter Hannah, who is taking singing lessons herself, was so moved by your beautiful voice that she begged me to buy your CD for her, which I happily did. When I went to tuck her in to bed last night at around 8.30pm, she had pulled her little stereo over to her bed and was listening to your CD. Sometime later from downstairs I could hear that it was still playing and wondered whether she had found a way to play it on loop. I went back upstairs at 11pm and she was still awake - she had been awake all that time, climbing in and out of bed to play the music over and over again. I think that you may have awoken her to the beauty of classical music - thank you! I will bring her up to Covent Garden to hear you sing again soon."

  • "Dear Seija,

    My name is Imre, I’m from Budapest, Hungary. When i went to the Covent Garden with my friends yesterday, i never thought that anything can amaze me such as your singing. I thought it was great, actually i can't even find words to describe it. And when i took your cd back to my hotel room to listen to it i was even more amazed!
    To be honest i was never a big fan of classic music, but the way you sing...It is truly one of the best things I’ve ever listened to in my entire life!

    You know, i work in Africa, sometimes in a very harsh environment where the conditions are not so good. Looking forward to take your cd with me and listen to your music whenever I have one of those days, when i need something different. Just to wind down and relax.

    Thank you for showing me what music can really be and do to people!"

  • "In December I was walking around Covent Garden. Suddenly there was this amazing voice. This had to be a recording, no it was you singing live. You sent chills racing up and down my spine. I could have stood there and listened for hours. Please let me know when your new cd comes out. So i can hear you sing again and again .You have a great talent."

  • "I was in London on vacation this past August. While strolling in and out of the shops of Covent Garden, I heard beautiful opera music which I thought was coming through the PA system. As I emerged from one shop into the centre of the lower floor I saw you in the corner emitting this beautiful, mesmerizing, lilting voice. I sat and thoroughly enjoyed every moment you sang. When you were finished I bought your CD. I sit here now listening to one of the purest voices I've heard. It's obvious to me the you are greatly dedication to the craft. Thank you for your talent and efforts to share it."

  • "My wife and I went to the Covent Garden Cafe yesterday afternoon, prior to going to dinner and the ballet over the road. We so much enjoyed your performance and, of course, bought your CD. We were sitting on the table nearest to you. When you started singing Vissi d'arte I was embarrassed to find that I had tears streaming down my cheeks. I wish you the best of luck with your career."

  • "Hi I was truly amazed by your singing when I was in Covent Garden on Monday of this week. I don\'t usually enjoy this type of music but I was taken in by it, and I bought one of your CDs! Thank you for the joy and elation it brings when I listen to your music."

  • "I had come in the Covent Garden by chance last Saturday and I saw your performance there.

    Actually, it was for the first time for me to see this kind of music and I never thought that I could like it. So, I bought your CD and I really enjoy every night.

    By the way, I just wanted to express my thankful feeling to you and hope that I can come in all of your next programmes."

  • "I took my wife to London for her birthday weekend and on a recommendation from a friend we found ourselves in covent garden on the Friday and I heard this beautiful sound coming up out of a courtyard, you seemed to be enjoying yourself just singing and what I noticed most was how powerful your voice was and yet how effortlessly you projected that lovely sound, Alas I did not get one of your CD's to play in my truck, maybe next time I come to London."